Play a game of chess at the Lord Charles

I just returned from having a wonderful game of giant chess at the Lord Charles Hotel. How wonderful it was to play on such a large scale. In today's modern lifestyle one hardly ever gets the opportunity to play the wonderful game of chess.

So why not enjoy the wonderful views of the Helderberg Basin at the same time playing a great game of chess?

Take the kids or arrange a game by placing a request on the comments to this post. Perhaps we could start a chess club right here in the Helderberg Basin?

The Lord Charles is situated on the corner of Main road and the R44 in Somerset West and for further information please visit their website:
Lord Charles

For those of you wanting a great place to play online this is great website:

Online Chess


  1. I visted OKES today and meet with Barry Niemand the owner. I was shocked when he asked me if I played chess "Yes" I replied "Why?" "Well there is a group of us that play together" "Wow, I have just been talking about starting a club" I said. With that it looks like we have a great venue to get together so now all we need is some buy in and a time to get together! Will keep you posted!

  2. Ok, guys I spoke to Barry last night. We are thinking about getting the chess club going on Saturday Mornings from 11am - 2:00pm at OKES. So lets get a move on we needs boards so if you have a chess set bring it along!

  3. There is chess at Melts on a Monday. And Thursday at Gringos. where is OKES?

  4. Hi everyone, am I correct in saying this is a chess club for adults? My daughter used to belong to a chess club at school but because not many kids in the school had interest in joining the club, it was done away with. She is 10 years old and loves playing chess. do you guys know of a kiddie club perhaps? I'm finding many kids chess clubs, in the southern and northern suburbs, meet on a Saturday morning at their local libraries. But nothing in the Helderberg

  5. Hi there. My son is 7yrs and also interested in starting to play chess. Unfortunately their school only offers chess in winter. Anyone know of a place he could go for lessons? Somerset/strand


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