Tai Chi Classes in the Helderberg Basin

Tai Chi is enjoyed by many people in The Helderberg Basin

Tai Chi Chuan training begins with learning proper breathing, basic postures and movements. The concentration on breathing and movement begins to develop mental stillness and internal energy.

Once we learn to breath and move as we were designed to do we open the pathway for our internal energy to move and grow. The change begins deep within us – like an under sea explosion that moves from the deep and explodes beyond the surface.

At an advanced stage Tai Chi Chuan is used in combat. In combat Tai Chi Chuan focuses on change in response to an attack, yielding and blending with an attack and then responding with an appropriate counter-attack.

Weekly classes take place in the Helderberg Basin at the Kadoshi Judokwai Hall c/o Cloetenberg and Lourensford Roads Somerset West.

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