Nude African Statue Gone At Last!

Unfree willy:
Belgian architect Willie Woestyn has at last been forced to remove the vulgar statue outside his luxury apartment development Cape Sands.

The giant carbon steel statue of a naked black man erected above the entrance of Cape Sands, an upmarket apartment block on the Strand beachfront has been causing a stir in the Helderberg Basin since it was erected.
The statue weighed 750kg and was 2,6m high, created by local sculptor Angus Taylor. It was removed this week at last and is on route to his new hotel development!
Strand couple Cirina and Frans Louw said it was scandalous. "We were shocked to see how big it is," she said. "It is disgusting. If the owner likes it so much he should put it in his lounge. Why must we Christians be subjected to this?"
Well no longer will this statue torment our community and innocent children will no longer be subjected to seeing the private parts of this very vulgar statue! It is now gone for good, yippee hooray!

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