Lawandle, Somerset West Township Tours

Lwandle started in 1958 as a single dwelling hostel for migrant workers it is now a vibrant community. Many of the residents living here originally came here under the migrant labour system during the late 1950s from the Eastern Cape.

The Lwandle Migrant Labour Museum has placed Lawandle on the tourist map route. It is the first of its kind in South Africa to tell the story of hostel life and the migrant labour system - its trials and triumphs.

The Museum is housed in what used to be the community hall and a number of tour operators run tours through the township to take in the museum on their route while exploring the Helderberg Basin.

It is not advised that you visit Lwandle without a tour guide as Lawandle is riddled with crime and many violent crimes have happened in and around the township.

The Museum is open during the following:

Summer - Mon-Fri: 09h00-18h00Saturdays and Sundays: 09H00-13H00Closed on Christmas DayWinter - Mon-Fri: 09h00-17h00Saturdays and Sundays: 09h00-13h00

Tel:21 853 1688

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