At last motor car found underwater weeks after the event...

Above: The Cliff where Henk Foreman's car plunged off into the sea near Stenbras Mouth.

Police recover missing vehicle at last...

The mystorius disaperence of Henk Foreman (well known patron of Somerset West's night clubs) is still unsolved. His motor car has at last been found, weeks after the accident when it went over the cliff and crashed into the sea near the Steenbras River mouth. This is confirmed by police after divers located the car underwater, but his body has not been found.

Some of the motor car parts including a bumper, head rests and mud guards were found washed up in Rooi Els. Police confirmed that these parts came from the missing Henk Froneman's motor vehicle.

If any one has any information to help the investigation they should get in touch with the SAP Gordon's Bay.

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