Great White Sharks, False Bay South Africa

This year 2009 is the International Year of The Shark

False Bay is the home of many sharks including the Great White Shark which feed off the cape fur seals at Seal Island situated in the middle of False Bay. False Bay is also famous for the Bronze Whaler Shark, Thrasher Shark and many other shark species. Sharks are an important part of False Bay which is world famous for the breaching Great White Sharks. However world wide fishing is threatening sharks across the globe.

The year of the Shark was inspired by the finding that at the current rate, common shark species will be extinct in 10 to 15 years. In large regions, species that were once numerous have fallen to 1% of their original numbers. Studies of open ocean sharks estimate 80 to 90% of heavily fished species are gone.

Yet these intelligent animals, also called the “Wolves of the Sea” are still fished intensively, and finned for “shark fin soup.” The oceans have evolved over hundreds of millions of years with sharks as apex predators, so their loss will destroy oceanic health. It is up to every one to create an awareness and protect these creatures of our oceans.

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