Helderberg under threat as Swine Flu Claims 3rd Victim

Johann Hack (42), a father who resided in the Strand is the 3rd victim in our area to die of complications from swine flu. Johann Hack suffered a massive heart attack and died in Vergelegen Medi-Clinic half an hour after his admittance. This was the front page news of the Helderberg's local news paper today. According to the article published in the District Mail, Johann Hack death was confirmed by The National Institute for Communicable Diseases to be the result of the N1H1 (swine flu).

Johann, was employed by Johnny's Midas in Strand and leaves behind his fiance and 6 year old daughter. According to his fiance he had complained of flu-like symptoms last Monday and went to the doctor (unknown at this time) but the doctor misdiagnosed the symptoms thinking it was only bronchitis. The doctor prescribed medication to treat bronchitis but this turned out to be fatal in the early hours of Wednesday morning. When Johann lay awake complaining that he couldn't sleep and was short of breath. Soon at 02:00 am his condition worsened and he started to suffer from chronic convulsions and was foaming at the mouth. When the ambulance arrived he was blue is the face already and his pulse was very weak. Various attempts to resuscitate failed on route and at the hospital he was declared dead.

Medi-Clinic, said on Wednesday: "The NICD is so overrun with blood samples for testing for the H1N1 virus that doctors follow the guidelines and treat patients accordingly, as they cannot wait for the lenghty process of blood tests."

Watch out if you have any flu like symptoms rather over react than under react as a misdiagnosis like Johann's could prove fatal.

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