Helderberg Renaissance Foundation Event

Above: Skye in front of the canons that were brought to the event by The Canon Foundation

Above: The canon, made in England awaits to be fired by the canon foundation since it was last fired in 1795.
We have just got back from our days outing to attend the Helderberg Renaissance Foundation's Heritage Day on top on the Hottentots Mountain Range at Gantouw Pass. Also known as The Old Wagon Pass.
We decided to take the original wagon trail route, which started from the farm Knoerhoek. It was a very enjoyable walk up and it was very interesting to see the wagon trail grooves that are cut into the rocks. What a trek it must have been for these early settlers of the Cape.

I took some great photos on Ian Anderson's camera of the event which involved raising a VOC (Dutch East India Company) flag, firing of a canon and hearing about the rich heritage of the area which I shall post soon and some of the images of the canons in action.

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