Heritage Day 2009 Gantouw Pass

Above: Spectators start arriving for the day's event, strong winds failed to put off the event. The small canon belongs to one of The Canon Foundation members and was fired during the event.

Above: Mr. Boudewijn De Vries welcomes the crowd and Prof Leon Hattingh explained the history of the area in Afrikaans while Boudewijn De Vries much to Prof Leon Hattingh's frustration translated his words into English. Above: Gerry De Vries, from The Canon Foundation waits for the big moment. Above: The Hoisting of the VOC (Dutch East India Company)Flag by local Voortrekker Above: Gerry De Vries explains the history of the two canons and how they were used.
The big moment, they attempted to fire the original canon which was last fired in 1795. But, unfortunately the canon misfired. Next year they will try again.

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