Whales arrive in Gordon's Bay

Southern Right Whale, Gordon's Bay, Cape Town South Africa

Gordon's Bay is one of the best land based whale viewing spots in the world. Whales arrive every year from early September, this photo was taken by Gianni Smith from Gordon's Bay. Thanks Gianni for your contribution to The Official Helderberg Basin Blog!

The species of whale visiting our shores is the Southern Right Whale. The whale was named this by Whalers that used to hunt these creatures off our shores as the Right Whale because they float once killed, thus making it the "right" whale to slaughter.

Thank God, those days are over and their numbers are starting to return as they were hunted almost to extinction. However it is disturbing to know that even though Whaling is banned worldwide Japan is still actively hunting whales.

The Sea Shepherd is trying to protect our whales from Japan Whaling Fleets and needs our support please visit their website and get involved in saving our whales.

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