Child Rape and Murder Suspects Appeared in Court Today

Sir Lowry's Pass residents and DA supporters came to support the victims family of the 6 year old girl who was found dead in Sir Lowry's Pass this weekend at the Somerset West Magistrates Court. Two suspects that were arrested and held at the Somerset West Police Station appeared in Court A at 9 am today in connection with the brutal murder and rape of a 6 year old girl.

Speaking to the girl's parents today, they said the men are 27 years old knew the family well. The one suspect even helped in the search for the girl on Saturday, a few hours after the event had taken place. I asked them if the suspects were taking drugs? The parents said the suspects use Tik. The case was postponed to give the State time to prepare for it's case against the accused. Apparently a third suspect was also involved and is on the run. What kind of person rapes and murders an innocent 6 year old child?

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