Crayfish Season 2009, Cape Town South Africa

South African, West Coast Rock Lobster

Crayfishing Season 2009/10 Around the Corner:

Time to get the boats and gear ready to go cray fishing this summer,crayfish season opens on the 15 November 2009 and closes on the 30th April 2010. Crayfish are only allowed to be captured on weekends and public holidays during daylight hours. Permits allow 4 crayfish to be caught by each permit holder per day.

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  1. Anonymous28/10/09

    Is it correct that crayfish catching only on weekends and public holidays from 15 Nov? Normally there is a 'high' season (catching allowed every day) to start, followed by a 'low' season from early in the new year, where catching allowed only on weekends and public holidays.


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