Strand Family Deaths Remains a Mystery

The mother of the children Nadia Shields, 29 who have died in the tradegy, is the sole survivor and is a critical condition at Tygerberg Hospital.

The rest of the family Riyaaz Shields (7), Raeesha Shields (9), Ferial Adams (52), Mogamat Adams (52) thier daughter Ishaan (7) and son Zyaan (16) and Abubakar (41) were found dead in the 2 bedroomed apartment at 72 Green Acre Terrance, Broadway Boulevard in The Strand.

The cause of the victims deaths is presumed to be carbon dioxide and monoxide inhalation caused by a fire made in a drum inside the flat. It is still a mystery as to why the family had started the fire, closed all the windows and locked all the doors. Rumours are now circulating as to the reason surrounding the fire including the possibilty of family sucide and even trying to drive away evil spirits.

The police's forensic pathology services were on the scene to determine the precise cause of death and are busy investigating the deaths.

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