Well done to Gordon's Bay Rate Payers Association

The Gordon's Bay Rate Payers Association have manged to put a halt to the controversial development of 90 erven against against the steep slope of Mountain Side Gordon's Bay known as erf 2

The decision by the Provincial Government not to approve the development has been heartily welcomed by a press release issued by the ratepayers of Gordons Bay.

After 4 years of uncertainty, repeated representations and emotional meetings, this decision is an extremely positive indication that the authorities will not allow development to take place in environmentally sensitive areas where there is also the possibility of a negative visual impact.
This is the third and hopefully the last time applications to develop erf 2 have been refused.

The reasons for not supporting the development are fully set out in the Record of Decision dated 25 February 2008. Of the more important reasons can be summarized as follows:

A very high visual impact is expected, as the area is of high scenic significance with potential significant effects on the biophysical quality and scenic resources. The proposed development will result in a fundamental change in the visual character and experience of the area and may establish a precedent for similar development proposals in future. The location of the proposed development at the foot of the Hottentot Holland Mountain range within the buffer of the Kogelberg Bioshere Reserve and the fact that it is located along a scenic route, makes the visual sensitivity high

The occurrence of Red Data Book species is widespread in the Sandstone Fynbos area and the wetland areas on site and further illustrates that the site forms part of a vulnerable habitat.

A portion of the site is outside the urban edge.`

The potential occurrence of rock falls. Although control measures such as catchment fences and mats can be applied, the safety of the residents down slope cannot be guaranteed - loss of life is possible and damage to property is likely.

The proposed development above the existing line of houses will be particularly vulnerable to veldfire as these mountains are prone to regular fires.

A further concern was the potential traffic chaos that would develop on the R44 and the access roads up the mountain, as construction vehicles attempts to negotiate steep, narrow mountain roads.

Full credit to the Provincial Department of Environmental Affairs who put environmental concerns above the aggressive developers who ignored all guidelines for building on mountains in the Western Cape.

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