Reefs of False Bay

Whittle Rock, False Bay

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  1. Thank you for featuring Charles' fantastic web site! Whittle Rock is one of my favourite dive sites and the beauty of these photos is just a taster of what False Bay has to offer under water.

    Scuba diving in False Bay is absolutely awesome!

    At this time of year (summer), diving on the Eastern side of False Bay is amazing. There are many dive sites along the coast between Gordon's Bay and Rooi Els which can be accessed from the shore; as well as beautiful offshore reefs such as Steenbras Deep that can be reached with a quick boat trip.

    The marine life is spectacular and very colourful with many beautiful soft corals, sponges, sea fans, star fish, crabs, nudibranchs, feather stars.... the list goes on!

    Anyone interested in experiencing this for themselves - or learning how to scuba dive - is welcome to contact me on or visit for more details and information on the dive sites in False Bay.


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