Freedom Fibre Artist

I am a Freeform Fibre Artist living in Somerset West and a member of the International and South African Freeform FibreArt Guild. I also teach Arts and Crafts from home. For the past two years I have been the only South African who has had my Freeform Piece published in the INTFF yearly book. In 2008 the theme was 'Through our eyes' and last year 2009 the theme was 'Four Seasons'. I have included photos of my pieces and the poem that I wrote for the 2008 book for the theme 'Through our eyes'.

byLaurette van der Merwe
As I look I see the facesof my family, friends and pets.
Like little flowers smilingand filling my heart with joy.
I open my eyes and look in wonder,at the beauty surrounding me,
making my life seem so worthwhile.
I feel free like the birds of the air,and beautiful like the flowers,
that fill the day with fragrances,because the one that I love, loves me.
My heart is full because I am able tocreate the things that my heart desires,
and know that my life is full ofthe songs of pure happiness.

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