Youths Appear in Court for Stabbing a Horse

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) on Wednesday said it hoped justice would prevail in the case of four Macassar youths, who have been accused of assaulting and abusing a horse.

The four allegedly stole a horse before riding it and then beating and stabbing the exhausted animal with a piece of barbed wire last month.Three of the four suspects are minors.The trio has been detained at a youth correctional facility after appearing in the Somerset West Magistrate Court this week.

The severity of the horse’s injuries forced a local vet to put the animal down.

The SPCA’s Horse Care Unit stated it had received at least 200 reports of abuse in the last six months.

The unit’s Stable Master Louis Joubert said treating animals in that manner was horrific.
“I hope justice will be done. I know they arrested a few of them. For this to be done to a horse, I hope justice will be served,” he said.

Source: Eye Witness News

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  1. Anonymous28/4/10

    The cruelty the kids are displaying whilst abusing animals, murdering other kids is something that needs serious action, imagine what kind of criminals they are going to be when older?
    Hannelie Jacobs


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