Newborn Baby Flung Out of Vehicle Outside Gordon's Bay

On Tuesday, the body of a newborn baby was found in a plastic bag on a path 1o meters from the road on the R44 a few kilometers from Gordon's Bay. Snorkellers came across a bag with blood around it which led them to investigate the contents thereof. As they lifted the plastic bag the little body of a newborn baby fell out. Shocked at the discovery they immediately contacted the police. It appears the baby was still alive when wrapped in the plastic bag and flung from a moving vehicle.

Police are searching for the parent/s of the newborn baby which they suspect was thrown out of the window of a moving vehicle.

Anyone with information should contact investigating officer Fanie Hendricks on 021 856 2317/8 or 021 856 2677 or Crimestop confidentially on 08600 10111

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