I have always hated beetroot or beets. I hated the taste, which is like sand and I hated the way it would ‘bleed’ all over my food and colour and flavour everything. A plate of sandy, bloody food! ugh!

Even when I started seriously researching health and nutrition 25 or 30 years ago, I still could not myself to bring a piece of beetroot near my mouth. Mind you, recently I have found ‘grilled’ beets are almost nice.

It was only 10 years ago that I started drinking barley grass juice that I combined dried beet juice with my dried barley and carrot juice. As I was not anemic, and was travelling a lot, I kind of stopped using the beet juice (Aim’s Redibeets) for the last year or so. (I use their beets because it does not taste sandy!)

I just recently (August 2009) became aware of the research conducted by Professor Andy Jones, which shows that drinking beet juice daily can increase your stamina by 16%. So I started drinking my dried beet juice with my barley grass and carrot juice in the mornings again last week and by Saturday I went for a 2 ½ hour walk/run, thinking I may be a bit stiff and tired the next day, but was not. Then I went for an 90min walk the next day and have increased my daily exercise since then because I am feeling like I have the energy and strength to just keep going for hours. (I normally walk 30-40min a day and maybe once or twice a month 1-2 hours) Hey man and I am getting older and have just come through the menopause! This is awesome!!

I can honestly say that there is a distinct increase in my stamina and that maybe why I responded so well because I follow a healthy diet, but the subjects in the research were just regular folk with no particular dietary program and they responded pretty quickly.

You can make your own organic beet juice with a juice extractor and beets from your garden or if you need convenience – or order Redibeets from Aim with their BarleyLife, (barley grass juice) and their Just Carrots (carrot juice)

If you need to order Redibeets or any of the other Aim products mentioned contact Barbra on and she can give you the details needed to order directly at wholesale prices. Otherwise grow your own beets, carrots and barley grass!

Cheers - with a glass of beet, barley and carrot juice


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