Lately I’ve been inspired…

Lately I’ve been inspired…

Starting my own business where I want to give back to the community, I’ve come in contact with so many other people and business owners that have the same vision. I never realized that there are so many people that Love, Give and Support! I am in awe! I have been so aware of all the negatives in the world that my eyes were closed the beauty that lies in others.

Last week, I attended a book launch of ‘Raising Happy, Healthy Children’ by Sally-Ann Creed & Andelene Salvesen… the room was buzzing… and the penny dropped… this was the utmost time in the last few months, that I’ve been experiencing this unexplained positiveness.

And then I remembered… as a girl when my heart was broken by my first love, my Dad told me: “Look at the small things in life. Look at the little flowers in the grass, the insects buzzing when the night falls. Look at the simple things we’ve forgotten are miracles, the sun coming up every day and the beauty of wind blowing through the trees. If you cannot see the small wonders and miracles in life, you will not notice the bigger miracles.”

My heart is full being open to all those Giving, Loving and Supporting people.

I’d like to leave you with this:

“Your attitude determines your altitude” – John Maxwell

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