Marketing for Start-up & SME Businesses

History of M2b:

M2b was founded in January 2008 in Somerset West; South Africa as a consultancy operating initially in the Helderberg and Stellenbosch region. The consultancy offers the services of the marketing & brand management function to all small-to-medium and micro businesses that either don’t employ or can’t afford to employ a full time marketing/brand manager within their business.

Mission of M2b:

M2b’s goal is to firstly analysis the customers business and in conjunction with the owner or business executive formulate solutions for their needs or specific problem. Next this allows M2b to present the necessary plans; programs; structures and systems that will bring the desired success to the clients business via either increased sales; ROI; new clients or retaining existing clients.

Values of M2b:

M2b is a 21st century company where its values are the core to the consultancy’s day to day operations and define its success. They are:
(1) Integrity to be upheld in all client; supplier and public relations
(2) Passion for the customers business and its success
(3) Innovation to be the origin for out-of-the-box solutions to customer needs and problems whilst being cost effective.

These values are what makes M2b a brand in its own among consultancies in its profession.

For ANY Marketing guidance, advise or need, contact Jason Hedenskog.
cell: 082 771 7351

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