The Avontuur Estate Restaurant: Valentines Dinner 2011 at Avontuur

Valentines Dinner 2011 at Avontuur

Could it be the planetary alignment or the near full moon that made this valentines dinner at Avontuur the best ever?
I cannot say for sure, but what I can say is that it was one; if not the best dinner we have ever done as a team at Avontuur.

My motto in the kitchen is approach love and cooking with reckless abandon!

With this in mind we wanted to create the most delightfully indulgent meal for romantic couples to savor. Luckily the weather played along providing us with a calm, balmy summers evening. Perfect, for sundowners on the patio watching the sun set over False Bay.

Dinner was a set menu with 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts to choose from.

It is always interesting to see how guests are going to choose and which dish will be the most popular. I was most surprised that the vegetarian option was the clear winner from the starter selection.
Bruschetta topped with Artichoke, Aragula and pomegranate drizzle
For the main course the East coast Sole and prawns topped the charts, with the matured fillet of beef with a chilli and chocolate jus coming in at a close second. Our regulars know our crispy duckling and were more than happy with their choice!
Sole with prawns and a saffron and champagne veloute
And then the pierce de la résistance, the dessert…

Who can resist a trio of bite sized chocolate inspired treats. Chocolate and Kahlua Mousse, Italian kisses and a decadent French chocolate tart… 
Chocolate trio
Or a light and airy Strawberry Bavoise topped with a heart shaped meringue dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with edible glitter? 
A light strawberry and meringue

And my personal favorite, hazelnut parfaits served with chocolate hearts in a pool of chocolate sauce…

All wines served are our own estate wines, but I would recommend our Brut. Our estate produces one of the most delicious!

Champagne is the only  wine that can accompany every course with class.

At the end of the night I often sit quietly going through the dishes, the plating, and the ups and downs of service.

What stays with me is the honor of such an evening.

The fact that we not only provide beautiful food or a romantic setting but memories.

To think that in years to come a guest may just say to her husband ‘remember that meal we had at Avontuur, when we sat outside and there was not a breath of wind. And you had that steak with chocolate and chili sauce. I had that strawberry dessert and you fed me with the little heart and how we laughed…..”
A perfect evening 
Now that makes every sore muscle, every burnt hand, every stress and strain worth it for me.

Yes, approach love and cooking with reckless abandon, it’s the only way…
Our menu;
Salmon Trio ~Mackerel Mousse, Salmon Mousse & fresh Avocado slices served with spears of Asparagus
Oriental Chicken and Cashew Nut salad
Artichoke & Aragula Bruschetta with Pomegranate syrup
Sole topped with Prawns & served with a Saffron & Champagne Veloutè
Fillet with a Chilli & Chocolate sauce
 Duckling with a Van Der Hum sauce
Hazelnut Parfait served with a Dark Chocolate sauce
 Strawberry & Rose syrup Bavarois
Chocolate selection; Italian kisses, Kahlua mouse & French style chocolate tart
Coffee & Chocolates

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