Object to Cell Base Station at Helderberg Nature Reserve

Hi there,
I am writing to you in the hope of drawing your attention to the proposed installation of a Cell-C Base station above the top reservoir in the Helderberg Nature Reserve - see attached site map. A notice inviting public participation is attached to a gate leading into the nature reserve at the top of Hillcrest Road, out of sight of many people. This is the reason I have decided to send out an email informing residents of the Helderberg of this proposal. Please forward this email to anyone you think will be interested in this matter.

Cell-C proposes constructing a 25m high mast and attaching antennae and associated microwave dishes to the mast, with a 64 square metre footprint on the mountainside (Hillcrest Rd side). No mention is made as to whether this mast will be disguised to blend in with the environment although this will be rather difficult given the exposed site and lack of surrounding trees. Apparently it will be very visible.

Interested or affected parties have until the 14th February 2011 to register and to give comment or raise objections to the proposed Cell-C mast. I have attached a form (Registration & Response form for Interested Parties) which you need to complete and return to Mr Lieuwe Boonstra as soon as possible either via fax or email - time is short!

The jury is still out on the health risks of a cellphone mast even if they do conform to international standards of radiation emissions. Some argue that cellphones themselves might emit a higher level of radiation but you can Google for further and updated information on this topic. It is interesting to note that no cellphone mast is apparently allowed to be erected within a certain radius of schools because the effects on the developing brain are unknown at this time - this piece of advice was given to me by another Environmental Assessment Practitioner from the Eastern Cape. Although this is not an issue in this case, it does highlight the uncertainty surrounding the long term effects of these masts.

This visible 'blot' on the landscape, at the foot of our majestic Helderberg mountain is of great concern to us as is the proposed site: a Nature Reserve. It is the one sanctuary where we can walk and escape the stresses of modern-day living and leave technology behind us for a few hours. We do not need a constant reminder of this with a cellphone mast towering over us as we traverse the many pathways in and around our beloved nature reserve.

Many questions must be asked: Why is there a need for a new cellphone mast in the area when there are other masts that could possibly be shared? Are alternate sites being considered? Why has this particular site been chosen given the fact that it is a nature reserve? What financial gains are there to be had for the nature reserve owned by the City of Cape Town? It is the right of the public to be given answers to these and many other questions and by registering as an interested or affected party, you will be kept informed.

If you decide to write a letter to object or comment instead of completing the form, please make sure that the Reference No appears on your letter, including your name, address, details of where you wish to be notified of developments and your interest - I would suggest you read the form first.

REFERENCE NO: DEA&DP E12/2/4/1 - A5/458-2049/10

Mr Lieuwe Boonstra
PO Box 44512
Claremont, 7735
Cell: 083-449-3923
Tel: 021-552 5255
Fax: 021-551 4020
Email: lieuwe@wpplanning.co.za

I do hope you will take a little time to comment or object to this proposed cellphone mast in the Helderberg Nature Reserve.

Best Regards
Sandy Webster

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  1. Thank you for your letter! Thank you for making us aware of this huge problem and that we all can stand together and make a difference by keeping our Nature Reserve sacred!


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