Thief Caught at Vespa, Somerset West

Helderberg Crime Watch (Chris) and a member of Vetus Schola Protection Services (Pty) Ltd
Caught...the alleged thief sitting down waiting for SAPS

Talk about response time when this incident occured today, Helderberg Crime Watch and Vetus Schola were at the scene in 3 minutes, however the S.A.P.S took 45 minutes to arrest the suspect!

Put this number on your phone and join the Helderberg Crime Watch:

021-945 4477 (24 Hours)


  1. Anonymous9/3/11

    We feel that we need to set the record straight. One of our Supervisors heard on the Crime Watch radio a report of an incident at Vespa Somerset West. Realising that it is one of our clients and that the client obviously did not think about pressing the panic button, Supervisor Pietersen dispatched Armed Response Officer Janecke to the scene. While officer Janecke stood off at the scene the other mentioned security company was still asking for directions on the Crime Watch radio. They thus stood off after Secure Rite's Armed Response Officer. Supervisor Pietersen contacted SAPS after taking control of the crime scene. Well done Ruschay Janecke and Supervisor Pietersen.

  2. Anonymous9/3/11

    I think this guy is NHW and not HCW

  3. Anonymous9/3/11

    Great to hear that SECURE RITE is on the ball as usual! Well done on the prompt and professional service, you guys ROCK!

  4. Anonymous11/3/11

    So what you're saying is that the Vetus Schola security guy swept in and stole the glory for a capture that he wasn't even involved in? Unbelievable! And so unethical! I wouldn't want a security comapny with such blatantly unethical tactics protecting my home. Shouldn't the reporter reprint this article, stating the facts accurately this time? Glad I'm with SecureRite.

  5. Anonymous12/3/11

    To my knowledge, Helderberg Watch recently contracted (January 2011) Vetus Schollie as their service provider. Based on this incident and their obvious lack of ethics, the Helderberg Watch (a community initiative?) should reassess who they have unleashed onto the community.

  6. Anonymous2/4/11

    So what has been said here is that if securite didn’t have a "crime watch radio" then they wouldn’t have known about a call at one of "Their" clients. In my opinion, it shows heart that the neighbourhood watch and Vetus schola (on behalf of helderberg crime watch) responded to the call. Neither of them are getting paid for responding. They are responded out of the simple fact "we all live in Somerset west and we are all on the same side when fighting crime”. Securite must respond to the call, they are paid to respond! I don’t see anywhere on the initial post that securite was mentioned badly. I think more emphasis was put on the response time of Saps. Read the top post again clearly......"Talk about response time when this incident occurred today, Helderberg Crime Watch and Vetus Schola were at the scene in 3 minutes, however the S.A.P.S took 45 minutes to arrest the suspect! "

  7. Anonymous22/8/11

    The only way that Vetus Schola always gets the shine is because they operate with police radio`s via HCW control room,if they should give radio`s to all the other armed response companies ,they also will have such great arrests and stats.When SAPS have a "show of force day"they must invite all the other security companies not only the Vetus guys.They are arrogant and full of themselves.Thanx to SAFE armed response i am glad i am with them.

  8. Anonymous22/7/12

    Nomatter what people say, Vetus is the best. Why? Just on friday 20 july one of their man lost his life saving shell garage, itsnt that good enough? Adt was there but he rather ran away


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