Vespa Open in Somerset West


“I am delighted to be representing such a great international brand,” said Claudia Davidson, owner of the new Vespa dealership that has opened its doors here in Somerset West.

Vespa Somerset West only stocks authentic Vespas, imported directly from Italy where they are manufactured by Piaggio who have been making Vespas since 1946.

“The classic Vespa design is unmistakable, but the latest technology used in the modern Vespa  makes the Vespa experience a truly unique one,” she said.

All the models, from the S150cc to the more powerful GTS 300cc, are fully automatic making the Vespa very easy to ride - just Twist ‘n Go.

“If you can ride a bicycle, you can ride a Vespa – it’s that easy,” said Claudia.
In addition, the 4 stroke fuel injected engines ensure a smooth balanced ride with superb performance and outstanding reliability.

“But what makes me really happy to be a Vespa dealer, “said Claudia, “is that I know I am giving my customers a product they can trust. When you invest in a Vespa, you’re investing in a brand that has stood the test of time.”

Authentic, reliable, and safe, the new Vespas are also equipped with immobilisers that secure the scooter and its generous storage areas.

“ However, as anyone who has ever ridden a Vespa knows all too well, it’s not the individual features of the scooter that makes it so appealing, it’s that ultimate Vespa experience – the one the  Italians call it la dolce vita – the sweet life – the sheer delighting in the simple pleasures  of life,” said Claudia.
Experience it for yourself. Visit the showroom or call Vespa Somerset West on 021 801 5698 to book your free test ride.  

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