Crystal Pools Hiking Trail Gordon's Bay is Closed From 1 May 2011

The Crystal Pools Hiking Trail in Gordon's Bay will be closed from 1 May 2011 to 1 May 2012 by Cape Nature Conservation to give the area a chance to rehabilitate due to the volume of hikers causing damage to the flora around the trails...this is going to be a big let down to many hikers over the next year. The Crystal Pools Hiking Trail also know as the Steenbras River Gorge is enjoyed by many and is a major draw card to Gordon's Bay...


  1. Anonymous7/6/11

    hi,live in somerset west been hiking in the hottentotsholland mountains for 20 years already,biggest problem with hikers,they are not prepared for any event be it weather-injuries,etc,ive got 10 years bushwar experience in special ops,being in the angolan bush taught me valuable lessons,in expecting that injuries can happen any time-any place-any situation,hikers get hurt because of ignorance,have come accross many hiking groups who have absolutely no knowlege of hiking in the mountains,clothing-food-rugsack weights-footwear-fitness are key factors,in fact not even cellphones-or two-way-radios-contact numbers-no 1 knows they hiking,golden rule for hikers,always be prepared to expect the un-expected-and always be vigilent-hiking is fun but can be a death-trap for in-experienced hikers,im 54 now and still i learn from nature on hiking in the mountains

  2. Anonymous13/1/12

    bek why this place closed fat

  3. Anonymous1/3/12

    Fat people cause more damage

  4. Anonymous4/1/13

    Dude can you join us?


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