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As is the custom on wine estates, to celebrate the end of the harvest. 
We too, at Avontuur, honour the bounty of Mother Nature in a way that is fitting and in keeping with tradition.

At the end of the harvest Avontuur Estate and Restaurant joined together to host a Harvest Feast.
The estates new wine maker, Jan van Rooyen was on hand with samples of unfiltered wines fresh from the barrels.

 His passion, commitment and love of the industry is apparent in his animated conversation and knowledge of wines.
We cannot wait to explore his wines when he releases them.

The restaurant provided guests with a buffet laden with firm favourites such as butternut soup, sirloin, and roasted gammon. The dessert buffet was a hit with meringues, tipsy tart and trifle.

Guests mingled and chatted with the winemaker and enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

Jan van Rooyen our winemaker
 We look forward to autumn, wines resting and maturing and a time of rejuvenation and reflection.

Winter is also the time when the restaurant can plan and host functions that are in house.

First off is our next network breakfast with Bettina Horvath. Bettina is very active in the social media scene and has a gift to explain difficult technology in simple terms to everybody so that they can make use of it too. Bettina’s dedication to assisting businesses with increasing their Sales is unrivalled. Her professionalism and approach to business is something you have to experience

The breakfast is on the 13.4.2011 at 8h30 and the investment is R100.00.

Then for the next few months we will be having our “I am beautiful” mornings. Every month we will be hosting a morning filled with speakers that will inspire, intrigue, amuse and empower us.

The first morning will be on the 17.5.2011 and the theme of the morning is “Empower.
‘Inspire’ is our second them and will be on the 14.6.2011.
On the 19.7.2011 ‘Adorn’ will follow. We will end off the winter mornings with a wellness panel that will encapsulate all the mornings and more.

We hope to not only provide food for tummies, but also food for thought.

We still have some spots open for speakers, inspirers, motivators etc. Should you wish to participate, please contact the restaurant and ask for Zunia.

As Woody Allen said, I quote ‘Eighty percent of success is showing up’

See you at Avontuur!

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