Sir Lowry's Pass Village Residents Block Road...

Sir Lowrys Pass Resident Complains about Service Delivery 

Residents set fire to garbage and "buckets" to blockade the road

Police stand by and watch the protest 
Yesterday, I was on route to Sir Lowry's Pass and was taken a back when about to take the turn off to Sir Lowry's Pass to find the road was blocked with burning objects. I got out the car to take some pictures for the blog and to find out the cause of the blockade.

I spoke to some of the residents who said it was because the "buckets" (used in the shacks for sewage) had not been collected since Monday, obviously due to the public holidays. In response they blocked the road and demanded to have the buckets emptied.

I find this action unbelievable, one can just set fire to a public road and blockade it in front of the SAPS (police) without any consequence.One can understand their frustration but surely there are other ways to bring this to the attention of authorities?

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  1. Anonymous9/5/12

    In reply to the post above, I wonder whether the residents had in fact already approached the authorities and found their approach fruitless. Even peaceable people have a breaking point.


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