Does the District Mail Work?

Every Thursday I go out to buy the District Mail and recently I wonder why do I? Every page is crammed with useless information, old news and of course tons of advertisements. The Helderberg Basin needs a publication for the community that is interesting up to date and does not cost a fortune to advertise in.

This was my vision when I launched The Helderberg News and Information Blog just over two years ago...
The stats are surprising there are over 3000 regular visitors to the blog each month, 24 Authors and growing.

The news content is current (posted in on the day or hour) the articles are interesting and now I'm asking the Helderberg Community to get involved to help start a free place where we can have our say about issues in the Helderberg, post news, events or what have you and even advertise your business for free!

Please get involved become an author or send in your news, letters and etc its time to get the Helderberg Connected on a platform free for all!

Look forward to your response...

Warm Regards,

Stephen Leppan

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