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Tattoo: Permanent picture, design, or other marking made on the skin by pricking it with an indelible dye.

I am fascinated by tattoos. 
From an early age I have always been drawn to images of people, especially women with tattoos.

Perhaps because it is(or was) so subversive, or perhaps because I come from a very artistic yet conservative family, I yearned for a tattoo from a very early age.

I have five, technically six tattoos.

Not huge or terribly impressive. To you.
To me, they are a visual manifestation of certain rites of passage and they mark, as a camera would, specific moments that I wanted to capture. 


My first tattoo was an act of rebellion, also an act of ‘joining’ a very specific group of friends. It was never mentioned or asked for. They probably did not even see it as that, but to me, it was an act of showing my ‘belonging’.
It is no longer there, as such. A tiny butterfly, on my left shoulder.  It is hidden underneath a larger tattoo of a lily.

I also have a winged snake, the word ‘forgiven’ and two hearts.

The fascination remains. But also the awareness of people’s perceptions, and judgement.
When I had my first tattoo at 16, I was on of four girls that I knew, that had tattoos.

As I grew older and my work became terribly conservative, I hid my tiny butterfly under a plaster. (!)

How that makes me laugh now as I was such a ‘closet rebel’.

I no longer hide my tattoos. The word ‘forgiven’ acts as a daily reminder of my ultimate life’s lesson, see my blog on forgiveness,

I will most probably have more.

 I am drawn to the Japanese style tattoos that are so colourful and large. If only  I could overcome my physical boundaries, as my pain threshold is getting smaller as I age…

Every body does tell its own story. Especially if you have a tattoo.

Today more and more girls have tattoos. Especially around the hip and back area, above the bum.
They seem to be more acceptable today than ever before, perhaps due to so many celebrities having them. Think Angelina Jolie and even Charlise Theron.

Many people ask about tattoos and aging. ‘What will you do when you are old?’ they ask.
I do not mind getting older. In fact I relish having more wisdom and experience.

Every tattoo has been part of my journey.
I would relish them as I do now. Knowing that they have formed part of the story that makes up my life.


Tattood Lady ~ A history. Amelia Klem Osterod
Bodies of Subversion  a secret history of women and tattoo

How cute is this picture!

I'm not sure which tattoo I like the most.....
* Inspired by a talk on 'Tattood ladies' at The Avontuur Estate restaurant, given by Manuela Gray.

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  1. I am glad that you feel more comfortable showing your tattoos now.


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