Avontuur Breakfast Club September Speaker

Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren

Dr Petro Janse van Vuuren is a fairy godmother to fairy godmothers. She aims to equip and inspire those who equip and inspire others: the muse to the muses.
She is co-founder of Playing Mantis: people development consultants who specialise in using story and improvisation theatre to help people play, connect and transform.

Speak with confidence that invites, not invades or fades

Because your voice is in your body, if the body is even remotely nervous or self-conscious, it shows in the voice. A nervous voice either annoys or fails to make any impression at all.
Petro’s ABC for Confident speaking is a practical 6 point checklist for looking, sounding and feeling confident even when you are nervous, speaking in a second language or speaking in front of your peers

Date; 14.9.2011
Time: 8h30 -10h30
Investment: R100
R.S.V.P 021 855 4296

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