Traders All Year Market Somerset West

It's 2012 and we wish you an exciting and prosperous year ahead !

We would like to remind you that we have moved to shop 11, Fountain Square, Caledon Street, Somerset West. (Look out for the LARGE parking area on Caledon Street, between Myburgh and Drama. Our store is just below West Workout Gym)

We have introduced a weekly specials display. A 25% discount will be available every week, on all items on the display for that week !

This week - until Saturday, our weekly special includes our leather bags, purses and keyring holders, beaded belts, coco-shell handbags and more.

See you soon

Traders All Year Market
Shop 11, Fountain Square,
Caledon Street, Somerset West

021- 802 5388

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  1. Anonymous24/1/12

    Thanks for letting us know - We love this shop and the new store is Even Better


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