Are you a South African non-profit organisation working towards the conservation of Owls?

Owl's House support our SA Raptor NPO's! Our service includes an option to our clients to donate R50 to their chosen NPO. (Have a look at the Order Page on our website.)

Join our list of registered South African Owl Conservation NPO's

Either OR Both:
Facebook: LIKE the page: "#[your NPO (facebook)name] support #Owl's House! [Include ONE Owl Fact & a cool owl photo)"

Tweet: FOLLOW OwlsHouse1: "#[your NPO (twitter)name] support #OwlsHouse1! "

We will contact you within a week, request your NPO registration number (to ensure authentication) and list you as a SA Raptor NPO on our Order Page that will enjoy the opportunity of a client selecting your NPO for a donation!

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