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MultiCam RSA joins International Roundup 2012 in Texas

The purpose of the International Roundup 2012 was to meet with a great number of International Distribuors, as well as the MultiCam Head Office staff and to do training on advanced and new products.

Left to Right: Johan Wiese (Senior Engineer from MultiCam RSA), Mark van der Linde (Manager of MultiCam RSA Johannesburg), Hendrik Fasmer (owner of Alvoen AS Norway) , Jim Kurowski (International Sales Manager of MultiCam Inc.), Stiaan Viljoen (Owner of MultiCam RSA), John Harris (Sales Director MultiCam Inc.)

One Million Dollar Club 2011 Award │ Largest Sales Increase 2010-2011 Award

The owners of MultiCam RSA, Stiaan & Antoinette Viljoen, were joined on the trip by Johan Wiese, an experienced and qualified mechanical engineer from our Somerset West Head Office and Mark van der Linde, the manager of our Gauteng branch in Johannesburg.
We had only a few days to do everything on our packed inventory. One of the highlights was meeting with the founder member of MultiCam , Ken Koellig, whose people skills and technical abilities we have enormous respect for. We had the opportunity to have a number of meetings with Kris Hanchette, the president of MultiCam, John Harris, the Sales Director and Jim Kurowski, the International Sales Manager. Our pleasant meetings covered topics such as sales and technical issues to improve the marketing of all MultiCam products in Africa. This was followed by an impressive full factory tour. Please see more about this in our brochures and websites. It was an amazing experience to finally meet with the people we contact from day to day on email and phone. This covered production, issues, technical support, buying of spares, shipping department and the general administration staff.

Typical Factory Scene

Three days were packed with technical training on a large variety of aspects, including presentations on the newly released 5-Axis Router 8000 Series, about which specialists spoke on the hardware and software controllers. We paid particular attention to the Laser, Digital Express, WaterJet, news controllers and software issues. MultiCam went out of their way to make our experience as a whole, including social evenings with the International Distributors, a memorable occasion.

The trip ended off exceptionally well. A meeting was arranged with our shipping agent in Dallas, Texas to further improve our relationships. It turned out to be better than expected - a big thank you Martina and her team from Panalpina. Finally, we also took the opportunity to meet our KMT WaterJet representative in Dubai. Their support is the best imaginable.
From a tourist point of veiw it gives us great pleasure to mention some of our memorable experiences. Emirates Airways turned out to be the most affordable, which meant we needed to pass through Dubai. To our surprise, we flew directly over the North Pole to Dallas, Texas. We were fortunate to have a clear view of northern Russia as well as the ice and major cracks as we approached the North Pole. We had lunch at the Pole, 34 000 ft up, flying from the sun into the night over the pole.

Arriving late morning on Saturday, we had time to the rest and recover and attempt to adjust to the different time zone. On Sunday we decided to see a bit of Dallas and Fort Worth. Our guide, Alex, had a great time talking nonstop while showing us all the tourist sites in the area. Amoungst those sites was the place that John F. Kennedy was shot. Lunch was enjoyed at Fort Worth, a big cowboy center for selling cattle.

John F. Kennedy Shot

Typical Cowboy in Fort Worth Texas

We are confident that this experience will bring our supporters in Africa a better service. Without our clients support we would not achieved as much. Thank you to you all!

More photos of our International Roundup 2012 trip:

Antoinette Viljoen in Dallas at the biggest bronze statue in the world with the highest building in the background

Everything is biggest in Texas. We had to pick the glasses up with both hands!

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