I'm Lucky and I Know It!

I think I am a very lucky person.

I have always won competitions, much to the disgust of my fellow green eyed (ex) friends who would purchase as many raffle tickets as their pocket money could buy, only to have me win, with my lonesome procurement.

I have won a giant teddy bear (it gets better, I was ten at the time), a mountain bike, an ‘aim and shoot camera’…

But it just got better.

All the above prizes were just random flukes. A ticket bought, a sms sent to a magazine competition, that sort of thing. It had nothing to do with talent, ability, perseverance or drive.
Until now.

A year ago I entered a photographic competition submitting pictures for the nature, pets and children’s categories.
The competition was held over a year (!) and had four categories. Pets, children, nature and action. I submitted pictures month after month, only to feel the sting of disappointment upon opening our local newspaper and observing the beaming winners. Time after time.

Then the magical day arrived when I received a phone call from the newspaper informing me of the good news. I had won the nature section of that round.  I was now in the semi-finals!
The competition has run its course now and out of the 48 semi-finalists they recently chose finalists, of which I was one.

I cannot say that the prize giving was a glittering gala, star studded evening. But it held a special charm for me.

I have been told that I am very competitive (quote unquote “it is only a game of ‘Snap’ Mommy!’) But to hear your name called out as a winner has a really nice feel to it.

Yep, I won, and I like to think it had nothing to do with my O.C. D which has only really reared it’s nasty head when entering photographic competitions; I like to think that it may just have something to do with hard work, passion,  perseverance and a splattering of talent.

So from now on I will be brandishing my sparkling new Canon EOS 1100d with just as much drive and determination.

Well, I will as soon as I figure out where the ‘ON’ button is…

Thank you District Mail, Kodak and Canon. You made my day and year!!
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