Photography Somerset West

“Photography is an absolute passion for me and the lens allows me to look at life from a different angle!”
Zaan is a qualified jewellery designer with a degree in BA Fine Arts (specializing in jewellery design) from the University of Stellenbosch. She worked in the jewellery industry for 10 years as a designer and diamond grader.
Her real passion has always been photography!
After doing extensive photography courses, she finally started living her dream and it’s the greatest job in the world! Capturing beautiful photos that says something powerful and create memories and special moments that will last forever!
Her photography has a unique artistic and expressive approach and she strives to document all the details.
Her photographs featured in “World of Photography Magazine Volume 2” (2011 – 2012), UK based Magazine, Photography Monthly. Winner of photo competitions, Cameraclub ( October 2011 & February 2012 and Helderberg Photographic Society ( August 2011.
She is based in Somerset West, but covers the whole Western Cape area.

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