Freedom to Share your views on The Helderberg Basin's Blog

The Helderberg Basin Blog Turns 5 !

Thanks, for the readership since the blog started in 2007!

One thing that we have struggled with, is getting the Helderberg Community to share their views and opinions!

Since, 2007 The Helderberg Basin Blog now has over 20 authors and needs more!

Please get involved if you would like to do some local journalism, post your business news, tell us where you enjoy eating out, taking your kids or what have you!

The Helderberg Basin Blog, has recently come up against some stiff competition for readership, but will always publish and advertise local business advertisements for free!

The vision is to have a community owned platform that allows readers freedom of speech (we do not edit posts) and hopefully add value to the community of Somerset West.

So get busy and send in your news and views and trust that you will become an active member in our stunning Helderberg Basin!

Stephen Leppan
Editor and Founder of the Helderberg Basin Blog

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