Is Oscar Pistorius Guilty of Murder?

Reeva Steenkamp

Oscar Pistorius lives a double life that courted controversy.

In 2009 Pistorius spent a night in jail after allegedly assaulting a 19-year-old woman at a party.
"Oscar is certainly not what people think he is," said ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor last November - two months after a magazine programme covered the couple's Seychelles holiday.
He then started going out with model Reeva Steenkamp, who was found shot four times in Pistorius's Pretoria home on Thursday.
"Oscar has a way with women. Strange, she's probably not the only one at his side," Taylor told Rapport newspaper.
Pistorius has been open about his love for guns.
The sprinter slept with a pistol, machine gun, cricket bat and baseball bat at his upmarket home in a secure Pretoria estate for fear of burglars, he told Britain's Daily Mail last year.
He once took a journalist interviewing him to a shooting range.

The stunning Reeva Steenkamp alleged to been shot four time by Oscar Pistorius this valentines day 14/02/2013. Oscar Pistorius will have a bail hearing on the 15/02/2015. What a tragic day for South Africa.

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Do you think Oscar Pistorius is guilty of murder?


  1. Anonymous17/2/13

    He is guilty. Why 4 times in the head AND once in the chest.

  2. Anonymous19/2/13

    I hope they fry his frigging ass. The little legless punk! What a monster. Who cares about Olympic medals. The man is a total mysogynist!! Hang him high!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous19/2/13

    so far with what as been presented from both side, yes. But will he do the right thing on behalf of the victim, family, fans or God or will he'll be selfish.


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