Italian Pizzeria and Coffee Shop Somerset West

New Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria Open in Somerset West

Giuseppe Donini and his family, are from Imola, Italy and have moved to Somerset West. They have opened an Italian Pizzeria and coffee shop in Fountain Square, Caledon Street Somerset West. They have an Italian wood fired oven and make real Italian homemade pizzas with the finest Italian ingredients. You need to taste the pizza to experiance real Italian pizza freshly made while you wait.
They also serve real Italian Coffee, Cappuccino, Cafe Latte and other menu items such as Panini and Pastries.
The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.
The contact number is 073 3954884
They are open Mon - Sat 8am to 8pm


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  5. ciao Beppe, porta 4 pizze ai tuoi amici!!! ciao Biagio

  6. Grande Donington!!!!! Sei il nº1!!!! Verremo a trovarti!!!!

  7. Grande Donington!!!!! Sei il nº1!!!!! Verremo a trovarti!!!!!!


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