Social Media Played a Huge Role in Gathering Assistance and Information During Somerset West Flash Floods

Social Media 
Twitter and Facebook an Invaluable Source of Information During the Flash Floods 
in Somerset West 

Who would of thought on Friday afternoon that a few hours later, Somerset West would be hit by the worst flood in decades as the banks of Lourensford River burst. Facebook and Twitter became an invaluable resource as the community of Somerset West started to share live posts and tweets of what was happening in their area. People were asking for help, others offering accommodation, other assisting the evacuation of Medi Clinic (Hospital). It was one great example of how a disaster can pull a community together. Every one got involved non-profits, neighbor-hood watch, churches, politicians and of course the generous public.

It is not to late to get involved as there are many people that have lost everything to the the NG Church Helderberg and see what you can do to help out! 

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