Somerset 1 Hospice Fund Raising Drive

This week the community of Somerset 1 (a social media group on Face Book for the residents of the Helderberg Basin) picked Helderberg Hospice for their charity drive 2014. The group was formed by the community as a fun group to make friends, post events and share local issues. In one day the group attracted 1000 citizens of Somerset West and surrounding towns.

In December 2013 the online community decided to treat the homeless people in the area and founded The Somerset 1 Annual Chicken Run in all over 150 chickens were donated and a local resident Nino (The Braai Master) with some volunteers braaied them and donated them to The Night Shelter in Somerset West.

This year Somerset 1 decided to support a single charity in the area to make a big difference. The founder (a local businessman) said: "there are so many charity organisations in desperate need of community support, however giving little bits here and there does not make a big impact on a charity. For this reason we decided to rally behind a single charity and the group decided to support Helderberg Hospice in 2014". He went on to say: "Community activism is the only way a community can make a difference in their towns. It is amazing to witness the power of a community!".

Helderberg Hospice, is very excited about the community partnership. They are in desperate need of funds. Hospice provides an amazing service to those who are in critical need of care. Their patients have often exhausted their medical aids and/or have no medical aids. Hospice provides a critical service to the family and patients whom are dying from dreaded diseases. Their service in the community often goes unnoticed until a family member or close friend is in desperate need of help.

To kick of the 2014 Somerset 1 Charity drive, the group is having a 80's Party at Star Bar Somerset West on the 1st of March. Tickets are been sold and funds are been directly deposited into Helderberg Hospice Bank account, so 100% of funds are going directly to Hospice. Tickets are only R50.00 each!

The event is going to jam packed with excitement with a long list of local celebrities, VIPs, DJ's, Models so expect one of the best events held the area.

For more information join Somerset 1 on Face Book!

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