14 Year Old Teenage Girl Assualted at Somerset Mall

Somerset West My daughter of 14 was attacked and punched in the face by an unknown +-17 year old tall, blond guy at the Somerset Mall today. Natalie and 4 of her friends were leaving the movies to meet the friend's dad outside the mall, when 2 guys started bumping into them inside the mall. They apologised at first but continued to do that. When it did not stop, my daughter turned back and said "dude enough. Stop doing that now and stop following us" The blond guy, a foot taller than her, grabbed her, pushed her up against a car and proceeded to punch her in the face with his fist until she fell to the ground. Her friends screamed and 2 male shoppers pulled the attacker away. Security did little else but call back-up. The boy and his friend got into a car parked next to the attack (driven by his dad???) and sped off. My daughter's face looks terrible. We opened a case of assault. Most of what happened can be seen on the malls security footage so we are likely to get the guy, but I am shocked that such an unprovoked attach can happen at 16h00 when there are so many people around. The girls were minding their own business and did not provoke the attack at all. That is also quite clear. Thank you to the 2 guys who saved my child from being beaten more. I would like to know who you are please. I hope the attacker's friend has the guts to come forward. He too can be seen on the video. I find it terrible that kids cannot even walk from the moviehouse to a car without being harrassed by other kids. To the attacker..... we will have our conversation.

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