Murder in the Strand

Man shot to death in front of his wife & kid in Die Bos, Strand, this morning. Corner of Morgenster and Navarre Streets. I just heard about it and don't have any details. My heart breaks for the family.
We are moving to Navarre Street this weekend...
Are you all aware that the 28's gang has moved to Macassar and is taking over Helderberg?

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  1. This is a terrible and unnecessary crime that happened and my deepest condolences to this Man's family and friends. May he rest in peace.
    Is there concrete evidence that the 28's gang was involved with this as well as the allegations that the 28's gang is taking over Helderberg? No offence, but I feel it is just too easy to jump to conclusions and to assume things and this fact alone is often the cause of much unnecessary violence, anger,etc,etc...Just saying.


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