Somerset West Crime Out of Control

The Crime Rate is Soaring in Somerset West, Western Cape South Africa 

What used to be a safe suburb where families could walk the dogs, kids could walk to school or to the shops and businesses could conduct their business in a relatively safe town is no longer. The reason for the sudden crime rate escalation  is complex. The main reasons is that criminals from sophisticated highly organised criminals to the opportunist criminals have targeted our area as soft neighborhood. 

Investigating the crime wave hitting Somerset West these areas of concern came up:

1. Lack of Communication between SAPS and the Community
2. Divisions in Community Police Forum and Neighborhood Watch mainly due to personalities
3. Justice (Courts) letting suspects off or granting bail or soft sentences
4. A complacent business and community (not getting involved) 
5. Lack of clear leadership and political will power 
6. Poverty which is a national problem 
7. Community NGO's that encourage vagrants to the neighborhood

Somerset 1, a group of around 3,700 community members has declared war on crime in Somerset West and has started the Somerset 1 War on Crime initiative under the leadership of Stephen Leppan a community activist who has pledged with the help of the community to half the crime in Somerset West through an action plan that is bold and clear! 

The Somerset 1 War on Crime will concentrate on the flowing:

1. Restore relationships between local South African Police Service in Somerset West and the community by     sharing information through social media. 
2. Declare War with a community march against crime on Somerset West Main Road
3. Invest and expand in crime technologies and expand community policing
4. Increase membership in Neighborhood Watch and create new Neighborhood Watch Groups
5. Community buy in and action on levels
6. Business Intervention

All these steps will be clarified as they roll out.

The Declaration of War has begun and on Mandela Day Somerset 1 will be pledging their time to spoil local police officers! 

Get Mad Get Involved! Join the Facebook Group: Somerset 1 



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