Somerset 1 - War on Crime Community March (Somerset West)

War on Crime March Somerset West 

A community has declared war on crime in Somerset West. The war campaign starts with the Somerset 1 War on Crime March on Saturday 16th August at 10:30 am. Everyone is requested to meet at the parking lot on the corner Myburg Street and Main Road Somerset West. Parking is on Main Road and in the public parking on Caledon Street. The procession will start at 11:00 am and we will march down Main Road around the Circle (near Circle Pharmacy) and back to the start point. Marshall's are to wear red arm bands. The march marks the start of a concerted effort by the community of Somerset West to take an active role in crime prevention in Somerset West. 

Here is the action plan under the leadership of Stephen Leppan the founder of Somerset 1.

The Somerset 1 War on Crime will concentrate on the flowing:

1. Restore relationships between local South African Police Service in Somerset West and the community by sharing information through social media. 
2. Declare War with a community march against crime on Somerset West Main Road
3. Invest and expand in crime technologies and expand community policing
4. Increase membership in Neighborhood Watch and create new Neighborhood Watch Groups
5. Community buy in and action on levels
6. Business Intervention
All these steps will be clarified as they roll out.

Join the facebook group Somerset 1 and declare War on Crime! 

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