Somerset 1 War on Crime March Somerset West

War on Crime March Huge Success 

Today, over 300 residents attended The Somerset 1 War on Crime March on Main Road, Somerset West, Western Cape. Somerset West has had a spate of crimes lately. In less than one block American Swiss was robbed at gun point and has shut their doors, a security officer was gunned down, Markhams was robbed twice at gun point, Mr. Price was robbed at gun point and this week Telkom was robbed at Gun Point. There has also been a dramatic increase of car hijackings, burglaries and children robbed of cell phones and bicycles. The march was organised my community activist Stephen Leppan who founded the Facebook group Somerset 1 which has over 4,000 members. The march was attended by Somerset West Neighborhood Watch, Helderberg Crime Watch a community policing NPO and members of the DA including a member of parliament.   

The march is the start of the War on Crime Campaign which intends to restore the Somerset West Comunity Police Forum, which is currently no functioning due to in-fighting, it intends to double the membership of Neighborhood Watch and Helderberg Crime March, encourage businesses and landlords in the CBD to clean up their businesses and streets, and invest in facial recognition cctv cameras to curve the crime wave in Somerset West.

We can no longer wait for the SAPS to combat crime, we have to fight crime as a community and Somerset West will be an example to the rest of our country to see how an active community can combat crime together! 


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