Can the true truth stand up please?

Truth is often an uncomfortable affair. Champions of The Truth believe unwaveringly in its illumination, in its power to 'set free' and enforce change, or alternatively to manage its distribution carefully and control the power balance.
Throughout history truth-slayers have made it their unwavering mission to shine light on the un-truthful and their un-truthful practices, with varying outcomes. Take Calvin, that adored champion of the protestants, who 'freed' many from the yolk of Catholicism with all its saints, virgins, masses and mysteries. Yet his actions however well intended, set in motion events of such horrific magnitude that the world's historical memory shuns away from these and chooses to only remember the truth-slayer tag we adorned his remembrance with. The many hundreds of people killed at the stake for refusing to renounce their Catholic faith or those scientists who would not believe in a literal understanding of the Bible, are all but forgotten. (Michael Servetus for instance discovered the pulmonary system in the body - the blood flow system - and died at the stake for this.)
In recent months truth in the Helderberg has, it would seem, become a commodity, regulated and managed to the purposes of those who either need to protect or increase their power base. In Calvin's time the market place would be the meeting spot and information would be traded and exchanged between buyers and sellers. Who did what and why, who was caught with his pants down or whose business is booming and needs extra supplies. It was all discussed in between apples and sheep, milk and bread. Our online community groups in the Helderberg is no different. In between those asking about their car's tyre pressure we find discussions about crime in the area or how to get involved in the local orphanage or creche upliftment program. News gets shared and spread at lightning speed and although not always accurate the message gets through one way or another.
One Facebook group though, the public group Somerset West, it appears makes every effort to control the information available to citizens through their various administrators. For reasons of their own, they delete posts even vaguely resembling their 'banned topics' or refuse to let citizens of their public group discuss relevant crime related issues on the page. Their reasons relate to the spread of mass hysteria and xenophobia, which translates into: Citizens, we the prefects are more capable of making decisions than you mob and since we hold the power we make the rules. If we don't like what you're saying we're banning you and drop-kicking your online self.
Calvin for all intents and purposes was a visionary and humble man. Personal reports speak highly of his character and many good deeds. However his message of control and intolerance spread by the many disciples that joined his beliefs lead to the death of hundreds of people at the stake. This might have slowed down truth but in the end, Catholicism is alive and well, and we teach our children about the pulmonary system as a matter of almost everyday knowledge.
Truth, information, knowledge in today's information based society, is not a trivial controllable commodity. The minority are no longer those thinkers and scientists who question the way of the world. Slowly but surely the majority are becoming the thinkers, the questioners, those striving to be truth-slayers intent on an open free society where power is not based on control but on creating shared meaning, shared community.
Amandla to the truth slayers - Amandla!

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  1. I had just had a massive amazing story about my real life true experiences in Helderberg, but because I had to register an account, I just purely wasted 2 hours typing time. It is a story about a young drug addicted boy who had a long spree of drug abuse , only to commit suicide and then his hearts starts beating 47 minutes later and his soul he was replaced with a different soul..much more different that the corrupt soul he had before. He was a tik, crack cocaine addict. Went to prison 3 times and then finally he was given a second chance at life with a happy ending as well, which ended his drug related spree and he eventually cleaned up his act, quit from using drugs for 9 years and refrained from drinking alcohol as well as smoking. He eventually married a female soldier of asian descent, migrated to an asian country, became a famous teacher in an asian government and then started sharing the knowledge he had about the drug related crimes industry in South Africa and waged a full on war against all drug dealers in South Africa in order to make South Africa safe again. He also revealed the source of all South Africa's corruption. Which involved Hitler, Nazism, ANC, EFF, Julius Malema, The Ark Ministries City of Refuge men's home in FAURE (a secret underground experimental laboratory dating back to the 2world war, which was setup by Hitler as one of his failsafe plans.) iThemba nuclear accelerator based sciences laboratory human experiments in FAURE and the link between "TIK" methamphetamine and the ANC as well as the power outages in helderberg and all over Cape Town. The Ark ministries city of refuge "MEN's HOME" in FAURE houses over a 1,000 000 volts in electricity. I have seen it. The wires run underground on the building is a emblem saying 1946. There is no cellular reception here. All electronics get destroyed. They are catholics who experiment with science and religion like Hitler did. ESKOM is the owner of all the land including iThemba labs, and Faure area. ESKOM and the ANC need to be stopped. They will lead us into a 3rd world nuclear war siding with Russia. Hitler might have died, but his ideology remained here.


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