The Power of Somerset 1 a Community in Action

The Power of a Community

A year ago, in a moment of fun I pressed a button on Facebook “Create Group”. Without much thought, I typed out the name for the group “Somerset 1”. The next day we had over a thousand members and the numbers continued to climb. Today, we have over 5,500 members.
The philosophy behind the group was to create a community in action. Our mission statement is: 1. Do Something 2. Have Doing It. As a community Somerset 1 surely has lived up to this and united has made a huge difference in the lives of many in the Helderberg Basin. The group is also strong in activism and standing up for community issues from environmental issues to crime.
The journey to building a united community has not been easy, the larger the group became the more it became impossible to please all the different personalities. At some points I wondered was all the drama really worth it? At one stage I decided no, it was not worth it as my professional reputation was at stake. However, I kept on looking back at all we had achieved in the community and I was motivated by some loyal Somerset 1 members who often stuck up for me, when I came under attack. The words of encouragement kept me going. However, Somerset 1 is not about me it is about a community, and like any club or community will go through trials and tribulations.
One year on, Somerset 1 celebrated its first birthday the Somerset 1 Big Birthday Bash. It started with a Truckers Convoy for Little Cancer Fighters Trust and ended the evening with the Rock Star Party in aid of Little Cancer Fighters Trust. Both events were put together in three weeks by a band of volunteers from the group. The events were both exceptional and highly successful and amazing accomplishment by a few amazing passionate people that made the seemly impossible, possible.
Going into 2015, Somerset 1’s vision is to continue grow the community and support worthy causes in our community. Our stance on charity is not negotiable we always give directly; we never handle cash and never support any organization that spends more on salaries than on the cause itself. In 2015 we have two major events the 80’s Party for Hospice in late March and The World Record Trucking Convoy for Little Fighters Cancer Trust.
On the publishing front, we will be getting involved in the top print magazine Le Helderberg and we look forward to contributing towards this high style magazine. Our vision for Helderberg News is a community driven magazine and we need the community to contribute to this magazine, the future of The Helderberg News Mag is in your hands.

I wish all our readers and members of Somerset 1 a prosperous new year, and trust you will enjoy the festive season with family and friends. I look forward to 2015 when we can again make the impossible, possible.

Founder of Somerset 1 Stephen Leppan

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