Shocking Van Breda Family Murder in Stellenboch South Africa

The news of the Van Breda Family in the exclusive estate De Zalze, Golf Estate has rocked the community and was headline news across South Africa. Martin Van Breda was a prominent business man in South Africa and the family was well known in the community. The Van Breda family relocated from Perth, Australia last year.
Speculation, hit social media platforms especially Facebook groups as many unconfirmed reports were posted. Speculation is still rife. An emergency response person reported yesterday that the victims were clearly not shot. Other speculative posts report that the murder weapon was an axe. Two of the children apparently attended an exclusive private school in Somerset West Today, apparently the school cancelled some of the activities due to the murders. 
The bodies of Martin Van Breda, his wife Teresa and their eldest son Rudi were found in their home. Their sixteen year old daughter Marli Van Breda is in a critical state with severer head injuries. This contrary to reports on various facebook groups last night speculating that she had passed away.
Above: Marli Van Breda
Rudi Van Breda's the oldest son was found dead on the scene. 
Above: Rudi Van Breda (center) 
It is still uncertain to details of the family murder. Friends and family report that the family was very close and appeared to be a "model family". The South African Police Service reported last night that a person was held for questioning, but no arrests have been made.
The upmarket security golf estate reported yesterday, that there was no breech in their security perimeters. This is an extremely strange murder and has lead to a lot of speculation. 
The Australian High Commission in Pretoria said it was aware of the murders, but was refusing to comment further.
It was not clear if the family were Australian citizens or residents.

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