Hawks Policeman Killed On N2 Hell Run

Hawks Policeman Warrant Officer Holz, fell victim to the N2 Hell Run this morning. Apparently, he was on his way to work, when he struck an object on the N2 which punctured his Tyre. He had pulled over to change the flat, when he was attacked and stabbed. He died on the scene.  Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said the officer was in his personal unmarked vehicle when he was stabbed by two men. The N2 was blocked off as law enforcement searched for the suspects.

A few weeks ago, a young man was also attacked and stabbed on the N2, there have many reports of narrow escapes on various social media groups. 

The Somerset West Community Police Forum, Chairperson Bill Smith met with both the victims families this week. Smith, states the ultimate responsibility for ensuring the safety of the N2 lies with the Provisional Traffic Officials and SANRAL. He, also urged the community to be vigilant when traveling on the N2 and to contact SAPS and the emergency numbers to report any incidences or suspicious activity along the N2. 

Stephen Leppan, a Somerset West community activist has suggested that the stretch of N2 between Somerset West and Mascassar, should be patrolled by Helderberg Crime Watch and the community of Somerset West, especially those travelling on the N2 could subscribe to HCW N2 Patrol. Currently discussions are underway to achieve this vision. He, also suggests that the community try travel in groups and suggested that members find travel mates on the Group Somerset 1. Furthermore, in the event of a situation Leppan urges people to have the following numbers stored in their phones: 

Airport Police: 021 927 2900
N2 Helpline: 021 812 4581

Cell Phone: 112 

Many N2 travelers, according social network posts are speaking about arming themselves as they feel terrified traveling on the N2.  


Cape Town - Five people have been taken in for questioning following the death of a top police officer on Wednesday morning.Warrant Officer Petrus Holz, 50, was stabbed to death on the N2 near the Makhaza turn-off, Hawks spokesperson Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi said on Wednesday.

Reporter: James Arthur Higgins 

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  1. How many more incidents will it take for the Provincial Traffic Authorities and Sanral to react? It's an absolute disgrace that criminals get away with murder while the innocent live in fear. Action is needed NOW, not tomorrow.


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